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<< Special Request Tags >>
Below are some DAV Special Request tags. These tags are identified by being in an unusual frame style, coloration, or font for the year/state represented. Due to the rare nature of these variations, these are one of my favorite areas of keychain license plates to collect. Some of these tags may be the only know example of the variation.


1967 Nebraska DAV Tag
1967 Nebraska
1961 Wisconsin DAV Tag
1961 Wisconsin
1960 Alaska DAV Tag
1960 Alaska
1959 Connecticut DAV Tag
1959 Connecticut
1960 California DAV Tag
1960 California
1960 California Horseless Carriage DAV Tag
1960 California Horseless Carriage
1956 Illinois HAM DAV Tag
1956 Illinois HAM
1962 Illinois HAM DAV Tag
1962 Illinois HAM (printing error also 2nd "W" should be "M")
1963 Illinois HAM DAV Tag
1963 Illinois HAM
1960 Pennsylvania Suburban DAV Tag
1960 Pennsylvania Suburban
1962 New Hampshire DAV Tag
1962 New Hampshire
1954 Michigan DAV Tag
1954 Michigan (odd font)
1961 New Hampshire DAV Tags
1961 New Hampshire
1964 Illinois DAV Tags
1964 Illinois (double pair, 1 regular and 1 special request)
1942 Illinois DAV Tag
1942 Illinois (very unusual colors)
1946 New Jersey DAV Tag
1946 New Jersey (odd font)
1956 California DAV Tag
1956 California
1960 California HAM
1960 California HAM
1960 California DAV Tag
1960 California (silver tab)
1967 California DAV Tag
1967 California


<< Plastic Insert -- Special Request Tags >>
These tags are the special request tags issued toward the end of the DAV program. These are easily identified by their hard plastic "engraved" feeling insert.


Oregon Plastic Insert
Undated Oregon (70's)
1969 Ohio Plastic Insert DAV Tag
1969 Ohio
1973 Illinois Plastic Insert DAV Tag
1973 Illinois
Arkansas Plastic Insert
Undated Arkansas (70's)
California Plastic Insert
Undated California (70's)
Utah Plastic Insert
Undated Utah
Nevada Plastic Insert
1968 Nevada
Michigan 1973 Plastic Insert
1973 Michigan
1968 Oklahoma Plastic Insert
1968 Oklahoma


<< Monogram DAV Tags >>
Below are some of the DAV issued monogram tags in my collection. These usually have two or three initials and were made in various frame styles. Since initals are so common, the back has a serial number that would allow the DAV to return the keys to the proper owner should they be lost.


Monogram DAV Tag
Monogram DAV Tag
HAM Radio Version
Monogram DAV Tag
Ruptured Duck Version
Monogram DAV Tag
Monogram DAV Tag
Complete Address
Monogram DAV Tag
Monogram DAV Tag


<< DAV Error >>


1962 Louisiana DAV Tag
1962 Louisiana (printed on reverse)


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