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Welcome to my website on keychain tags. My goal is to provide information about these miniature license plates and show examples of my collection. The most commonly known keychain license plates are those issued by the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization, commonly referred to as "DAV Tags". This program began in the early 1940s and continued into the mid-1970s. These DAV tags were sent out along with a request for a contribution to support the efforts of Disabled Veterans. The DAV tags matched the true number of the owner's automobile license plate. They did a reasonably good job of mimicking the colors and design of each states license plate of that year. If lost, instructions on the back of each miniature license plate asked the finder to deposit into any mailbox. The keys would then be returned to the DAV and they would then return the keys to the registered owner.

Other types of keychain license plates were also made. Most of the non-DAV keychain license plates I collect were made prior to the DAV program (like BF Goodrich tags) or during the very early years of the program.

I am always interested in hearing from other collectors or people with keychain license plates for sale. I am quite often asked about the value of keychain license plates. Value, like on most collectibles is based on rarity and condition, but the value of a keychain license plate ranges from fifty cents to over two hundred dollars. I hope to put something up on this website that reflects my experience with regard to value.

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